Ab Ajaao – fi8er band (Download mp3)

Ab Ajao
Song : Ab Ajaao
Singers : Baran Haider and Zaiby Zee
Rapper : Baran Haider
Composition : Fi8er band
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Ab Ajaao official music video released !!!ab ajaao is the sequel of my single debut song oh jaanay jaana , i hope its the biggest music video in the history of multan ……..visual effects ,animations created by me
singer : Baran Haider and Zaiby Zee
Raper : Baran Haider
Camera and Direction : Ali Emaan and Ali Falak
Guitarists : Shahrox Xassan , Ali Zaiddy and Danish Pirzada
compsed by : Fi8er band ( music never sleeps )
thanks to all my band members

Posted by Baran Haider on Monday, April 21, 2014