Abdullah Muzaffar’s Journey from Fat to Fit


Abdullah Muzaffar who belongs to the city of gardens ‘Lahore’ is honoured to have a title of being singer. Abdullah was inspired from music since early age, used to sing in School and Colleges at events while he started taking music seriously, and ultimately entered in Pakistani Music Industry in the year of 2013.

He started his music career by his first song “Yaadoun ka jahan” became a massive hit all around which turns into a huge amount of fan following. His musical career took off and he decided to focus solely on singing.
2014 was proved another lucky year for young artist as his second music video Mit Jaun was released under the banner of T-series in March.

Not only his career, but also, he seemed motivated towards his health.
Young talent in music industry, Muzaffar, looked incredibly toned down and fresh. Spotted in his recent work out pictures from snapchat & his social media profiles, it reveals a secret of his transformation as he is working out really hard and enjoys lifting weights, which definitely gave him a stunning look.

Muzaffar used to be a chubby and weighed guy but now he certainly looks quite in shape. They say, health is wealth and in case of Muzaffar we can totally relate seeing that he is now focusing on his real wealth.

Well, his efforts have paid off, We wish him a very best of luck for his career and hope to see another model-cum-singer in the media industry of Pakistan.