Awaz Do – Nescafe Basement (Download Mp3)

Awaz Do

Song: Awaz Do                                         Vocals: Abdullah Qureshi                                        Lead Guitarist: Hassan Farid                           Keyboard & Backing Vocals: Sherry Khattak

Rhythm Guitars and Backing Vocals: Turaab Khan                                Bass: Melvin Arthur                                  Drums: Bilawal Lahooti

Producer: Xulfi

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> Awaz Do – Nescafe Basement


Awaz DoWatch Abdullah Qureshi in action with his brand new original track, “Awaz Do” #nescafebasement4!

Music produced by: Xulfi

Introducing Talent:
Vocals: Abdullah Qureshi
Lead Guitarist: Hassan Farid
Keyboard & Backing Vocals: Sherry Khattak
Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals: Turaab Khan
Bass: Melvin Arthur
Drums: Bilawal Lahooti

#itallstarts #nescafe

Posted by NESCAFÉ on Saturday, February 27, 2016