Fahad Sheikh releasing his upcoming single ISHQ

Did you heard & watched SAJNA by our very own Fahad Sheikh aka FS & Fashion Guru — He is all set to release another song named as ISHQ

Fahad Sheikh is all set to launch his upcoming single ISHQ with his media & management team: PMI

Fahad Sheikh recently released a song named as SAJNA on 1st Day of Eid & got huge & unexpected response.

Fahad always wanted to bring something different & new in trend of music videos, We’ve seen some shots & covers of ISHQ on fan page of FS & there’s so much confussion , excitement & thrill all at same time in those photos & covers. Looks like ISHQ will bring some new trends.

Media9’s team contacted Fahad Sheikh’s Media Manager (Sheikh Ahmad) for some exclusive news or clicks from ISHQ .. Fahad Sheikh & his media manager said that they can’t share anything from ISHQ because they want their fans to watch ISHQ before any media & blog — Fingers Crossed.

We wish them best of luck for ISHQ – Releasing on 1st August.
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