Fastest Growing Food Recipes Networks in Pakistan


With the advent of social media, the entire game of internet has changed. An overwhelming mass of people not only connect with each other on social media platforms but also promote and publicize several of their products online with less fuss and more reach. Different networks are currently working on advertising their products which range from cosmetics, household appliances, and even groceries. Similarly, food has taken over the internet via food networks that help their users to learn and cook food efficiently in the comfort of their homes. In this article, we have compiled a list of top five food Recipes networks currently operating in Pakistan.

  1. Masala TV

Masala is one of the largest food networks and cooking platforms of Pakistan right now. Back in 2006, Masala Tv started working as a part of Hum Tv network and has cemented its spot on the list of the top-notch food networks in Pakistan. Masala tv has its very own website and application that can be downloaded from the play store for free. Their app has more than 300 Asian recipes that have been compiled by the top chefs of Masala TV like Zubaida Tariq and Zakir Qureshi.


Arguably the biggest online cooking recipes platform of Pakistan is Sooperchef.  It is one of the very few cooking recipe platforms that feature a 4k two-minute video guide that helps its users deal with the recipe in an easy step-by-step method. Along with that, sooperchef’s app has a community discussion forum where users can interact with each other and share cooking recipes and ideas. The platform has more than 250 continental, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian cooking recipes in 4k video quality. Another unique feature of Sooperchef is its offline mode which allows its users to watch cooking videos even without the availability of internet.


One of the first-class food networks that are making news big time is “”. The cooking portal offers a sleek and pretty modest design which allows its users to watch categorized recipes in three main parts making it much easy to apprehend. The unique feature of Food Recipes is that their app features two Ebooks free for its users. One of the Ebooks is about weight loss and health tips while the other consists of cooking recipes.



All is an emerging name in the list of online food portals and has gained a lot of fame in a diminutive period of time. This cooking recipe platform is known for its high-quality imagery, easy recipes and a wide variety of foods that its users can enjoy. Its range consists of continental, Turkish, American, Indian, Chinese, Italian and Pakistani food. There’s something for everyone as there is a huge range of meat recipes like ground beef, beef pot roast, slow cooker roast and also a great range of vegan dishes like Mexican pintos and mashed potatoes.

5. Food Fusion

Food Fusion

One of the leading food networks currently functioning in the country is food fusion. Food fusion rose to fame because of its sleek design and high definition instant cooking recipe videos. The food network has its own website and application and offers a wide range of dishes. There are Turkish, American, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian dishes to choose from on the Food fusion menu.