Ishq Positive Premiere Held at Cinestar, Lahore on 21st July

ishq positive premere

On 21 st of July, in renowned cinema of Lahore named Cinestar, the premier of movie “Ishq Positive” directed by Noor Bukhari was held.

This premiere was indeed a star studded event and some of the stars who brightened the event are; Samiaa Azhar, Agha Khan, Ashraf Khan, Natasha (Natty), Navaid Rashid, Nouman Javaid, Ustad Hamid Ali Khan; Rega boyz among many others.

The actors who worked together this time to make it happen are Noor Bukhari (Director Main Lead), Wali Hamid Ali (Lead Hero), Faria Bukhari (Second Heroine), Ahmad Abdul Rehman, Saim Ali, HinaRizvi, Sheeba Butt, Maram Chaudary, were there including others. Movie producers Shazia Hussain, Kashif latif, and music directors Saaji Ali and Kamran Akhtar were also there.

ishq positive 1

The movie Ishq Positive, which is a combination of both comedy and romance, has knocked the theaters on 22 nd of July and up till now, notable business has been done by this movie. It is written by Suraj Baba and is a KSL PRODUCTION.

The picturization in the songs of this movie is remarkably good enough and movie album is composed by Kamran Akhtar, Wali Hamid Ali Khan and Saaji Ali.

The film is centrally characterizing the character of Noor and Noor who is alluring, pleasurable, amusing, elegant and jovial has also given the same essence to this movie. The movie Ishq Positive has all factors of a record breaking movie like, the scenes at the spectacular beauty of Pakistan, the strong dance movements, the great film making, the appreciable music, the productive design, the best action and most importantly, the combination of experienced and fresh faces has given this movie a great factor of a record breaking movie.

Ishq Positive 2

This high-spirited and comedy-romantic movie is expected to give comfort and joy to the people of Pakistan.