Judaai – Falak Shabir (Download mp3 Audio)

Judaai falak shabir

Judaai – Falak Shabir I love new york NY

Artist: Falak Shabbir
Song: Judaai
Movie: I Love NY

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> Judaai – Falak Shabir




Judaai – I Love NY FT Falak Shabir/Sunny Deol/Kangana Ranaut FANS! How about an Eidi from Falak this Eid? Say whaaaaattt?! *drum roll* #FALAK’s third #Bollywood track is here! Yes people, #JUDAAI from the movie #ILoveNY is released today. The EID just got better! *FIREWORKS* Watch it, like it, love it, share it!

Posted by Falak shabir on Saturday, July 18, 2015