2016 has been gone, for many people it was good or bad. Even on the general platform people were peculiar about this year. Say whatever you want to say about this departed year but it did give us so many moments to be proud of as a Pakistani. One of the plentiful moments can be labelled when one of the young talents in Pakistan, who may have not been highlighted by mainstream media like many other issues like the “Personal” lives of other players and all the family strife happening all around. Mohammad Hamza is the young boy right here just took the pride of this nation to another level.

He is a semi – pro footballer who has mastered his skills in game of soccer. Mohammad Hamza plays in the Dubai XI team and took 4 medals for his tremendous exertions in the game. He is also a one of the best player of Dubai.


He actually made this whole nation more gratified when the medals he won were not just a piece of cake because more than 250 players from all around the globe came and all those medals went straight away for the name of this glorious country Pakistan. This young boy clutched medals for:

  1. Most Improved Player
  2. Top Scorer
  3. Most Assists
  4. Most Skill Full Player

Hamza is no different than any of the Pakistanis in our country but what makes him different is his passion and devotion for his dreams and his motherland. He won all of these awards because he had the zeal and compassion in him to do so. He made us proud he made his dreams comes true. People like Mohammad Hamza inspire us for doing something for our nation’s pride and honour because who doesn’t love when they achieve what they really wanted to do in first place. We do need more people like him to make us proud and to give us a motivation to do what we could do. So let’s not just sit and think about doing better things but go straight up and make a difference in this world.