Nasha Nasha – Asrar (Download Mp3 Audio)


Nasha Nasha – Asrar (Download Mp3 Audio)

Asrar Released his new song for valentine day.

some lyrics of his song is

“Hont pe jo till hai, woh lagta kitna chill hai 
Aray sufi ka bhi dil hai, yehi tu zindagi hai”

Asrar said to his Fans :

I am not a good boy, not even a good artist at all but i love doing music for you people, I believe that you my friends are my family, two days back “Daniyal Khan” asked me for a song again as we did “CIGARETTE” last year on Valentine’s day, so here comes another Valentine’s day special song “NASHA NASHA” for you my friends, enjoy it and share it with your Loved ones.

Download Mp3 Audio :

> Nasha Nasha – Asrar

Video :