Pakistan Android Game Hopscotch ( Shatapu )

One week before, I had a coffee with my co-workers. They all were casting their mind back to all the sports and the cultural events that they had enjoyed as kids. We had now a full list of those wistful events reflecting in our mind. Suddenly we came up with a memorable day which is known as the “Day of Independence”. We even remember how we celebrated this day with painted faces, little badges of Pakistani flag on our shirts, streets decorated with little Pakistanis flag banners and a big flag hoisted at the top of each house roof. Ah! childhood memories can never be vague or hazy, they are full of exciting and enjoyable events like Basant, Independence day and specially Eids. Every year we as kids used to enjoy these cultural and religious events with great zeal by wearing new clothes, big family gatherings, feastings and by praying as well. But now a days kids are not much familiar with these cultural events.

 Through this wistful feeling, I came up with an idea of OffRoad Studios to initiate a digital form of such colorful culture. OffRoad Studios has developed such game that is culturally propertied and based on traditional cities theme. I hope everyone has played the game Shataapu aka Hopscotch in his/her childhood and no one is unfamiliar with this. The game we have developed is the result of inspiration we got from that game. The theme of this game is currently on three big cities of Pakistan. But more cities will be added soon. The colorful, bright interface of game has portrayed the vitality of these cities. This game is for everyone who miss that old golden days, the game has different difficult levels.
 This game  would definitely be a great source of reminding 90s and also a great way to celebrate Independence day. So, lets celebrate this day with great zeal, download this game to introduce this to your children and have a look back to your wistful memories.

Team Played and reviewed the game ” The graphic work is so clear , they’ve properly highlighted Pakistani culture & areas including Minar-e-Pakistan. Shatapu was a game we & everyone played in their childhood.”