Piya – Nuray Sattar ft. Kashif Zafar


Piya – Nuray Sattar ft. Kashif Zafar

Kashif Zafar and Nuray Sattar New Song Piya is released now you can download it mp3 and video version. Kashif Zafar belongs to Tansen Academy of Performing Arts

Song : Piya

Singer: Nurray Nuray Sattar feat Kashif Zafar
Music : Sohail Keys
Guitars : Abid Wilson
Produced By : Taansen Academy of Performing Arts
Styling: Yousaf uddin
Camera,& Direction : Khurram Naveed
Edit : Abul Abbas The Big Chips
Color Grade : Wajahat @ Adorn Art

Download Audio :

to download right click on the song on click on save link as:

>Piya – Nuray Sattar ft Kashif Zafar


Video :

‪Nuray Sattar ft. Kashif Zafar – Piya by media9dotpk