Punjab College took the show by securing 148 Top Positions in Intermediate Result


Intermediate Results 2017 are finally announced. Pretty much the life of hard working students revolves around sparing hours and hours of dedication and commitment. Now they have been handed out the result of their endeavors and to say the reward is well deserved would be an understatement.

The Intermediate examinations are an important stepping stone for Pakistani students. Those who get top grades in these exams are then poised for positions at Pakistan’s top medical and engineering universities. Hence, these exams are of utmost importance.

Nothing speaks for itself than results. Students from Punjab Group of Colleges have bagged the top positions this year, a streak that continues to increase since 2005.

Yes! Punjab Group of Colleges Secured 148 Top Positions in Intermediate Result.

Also, PGC students achieved 6 overall top positions, out of which, 3 overall top positions are from BISE Lahore ’17.

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Toppers Legacy

This college is playing a vital role in increasing literacy rate of Pakistan.

Posted by The Centrum Media on Wednesday, 13 September 2017