Rohail Hyatt will perform a music show for Sprite

Rohail Hyatt

Rohail Hyatt, is a Pakistani renowned record producer, keyboardist, and composer. He has scored too much over the past few years.

After his work in Coke Studio, Rohail hasn’t performed enough at various other places. Now Rohail’s fans have to wait longer for the revival of coke studio because it is confirmed from various sources that for now Rohail will perform a music show for Sprite. There would the echo of maestro in the studio’s environment for the upcoming show.

There could be changes in the formation of this upcoming show but for now it is confirmed from different sources that the episodic scheme of this show will end with a music video.

It has come to know from a source, “The project is going to be filmed like a travelogue where the sounds of different parts of Pakistan are going to be captured and incorporated into a song“. It has been told that this show has a large number of company that will be performing and Rohail is also a part of this agenda. And he’ll perform at the places which includes Hunza Lake, upper Punjab and Interior Sindh. The show has collection of sounds like kids dodging a football, knives sharpening and juggling of maalish bottles and boxing rings as well.

Rohail has worked with his own selected musicians but a musician said, “I think he might just continue working with international musicians from season 6 (of Coke Studio)” and for upcoming project it is also said, “The project only features international musicians“. A musician who has worked with Rohail said, “It is unlikely that his (Rohail’s) latest project will see any mainstream or renowned musicians taking part“. It will be the first time for any Pakistani musician if this show is performed in day light. Let see how Rohail continues his musical journey.

Rohail has also committed in an interview with BBC that he would like to produce one more season of the show (Coke Studio). Who knows, perhaps strings will again be used next time and Rohail will again perform for Coke Studio’s all season 10.