WADA by ZARA MEHTA – Releasing Soon


After taking quite a break after the Hit single “Veriya” alongside Shazia Manzoor,
Zara Mehta is coming back with her heartfelt song “Wada“. First impressions on the song were indeed unexpected because this specific genre was never initiated before and lets just say we are blown away by the song.

The mellow keys and combination of Spanish Guitar just went so beautifully together. This girl is not only surprising us with Her Music, but also with something on screen, She not only sung the song, she directed the Music Video for it.

Zara wanted to do something different, so not only did she direct but she has highlighted the fashion of the 1930’s Black and White trend. Something new we’ll say, we are glad to see singers experimenting with the public eye in Pakistan, And Zara knows exactly what she wants. With all that she has also told us Exclusively that this specific song was one of her Father’s favorite songs out of all the music she’s made, Unfortunately he can’t be here to see it today but it makes it even special to have a piece of her father in this song. She is very thankful to all the people who supported her music and the fans that don’t give up on her.

Source: Pak Media Industry (PMI)

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